My gaming group does this event called Big Game Hunting, where we are slowly working through a list of games that have very large play times. No one wants to jump straight into a heavy game of deep thinking and dense strategy. So I’ve concocted this short list of games that are excellent for playing as warm ups. My criteria, that it can be played with at least 4 players and no more than 15 minutes of play time.

Zombie Dice

Need a game that essentially requires no skill, and is all about luck and how far you’re willing to push it? Zombie Dice is a game where you roll dice, trying to roll them sweet, sweet brains, whilst avoiding those shotgun blasts. This game takes about 5 minutes per player, and can have as many players as you want because you don’t play simultaneously.


“As the duke…”

“Wait, there’s only 3 duke cards, how can there be 6 dukes?!”

That’s not a goof, that’s a recount of a game of Coup that I had the pleasure of playing. In this game you take two cards that have actions you can do, these cards are your influence. Losing these cards loses your influence. Trick is, no one knows what cards you have so you can bluff and claim to have any of the cards you want. You need to collect money to reduce the influence of other players. Each game will go for 15 minutes and can seat 6 players, but you will play plenty of games of this ripper.

No Thanks! (Nah Mate as is called by my group)

This game has a really simple premise, do you want those high numbers?
“Nah mate”
“But it’s got some red coins on there”
“Nah mate”
“Wow, that’s a lot more red coins now”
“Mmmmmmm….Nah…. mate….”
“Well if you’re not gonna take”
“No gimme those sweet red coins”

Enough said? Probably not but you really need to play this game to know how great it is!

Happy Salmon

This game is for 4-6 players and takes at most 2 minutes. This game is the most intense tabletop game I’ve ever played. You cannot play it sitting down, you cannot play it quietly and you cannot help but getting way too passionate about this game. The aim of the game is to find a person with a matching card as you and then perform the action described on the card.

Rhino Hero

This dexterity game is an absolute riot. You build a tower out of flimsy cards, and then place a little weighted rhino hero as he climbs the tower. Usually the winner is the first person to get rid of all their cards which act as roof/floor tiles, but I’ve only seen it happen once, usually, we just riff on whoever knocks over the tower… that’s way more fun anyway.

This list is by no means comprehensive but I guarantee every one of these games is an absolute winner. Leave a comment below with some of your favourite games to play as openers for your games night. May your games be great!