DC Comics highly anticipated new movie ‘Joker’ is set to open to Australian audiences and selected international theatres on October 3rd, with a worldwide release scheduled for October 4th. The latest offering from Warner Bros studios is to be the first in a planned series of standalone films based on DC’s Black Label series. ‘Joker’, starring Joaquin Phoenix as the eponymous titular character, will reveal the origin story of one of Gotham City’s most colourful and maniacal villains. The casting of Phoenix as The Joker, recurring antagonist to Bruce Wayne’s masked vigilante protagonist, did initially lead to scepticism over the decision from some DC fans.

The chaotic character, previously portrayed by Heath Ledger in a highly acclaimed partly post humus performance in 2008’s Dark Knight, has been a Gotham staple since his first comic book appearance in April 1940. Phoenix’s stint as the comic book supervillain will examine life before Batman and follow the journey of failed stand up comic Arthur Fleck as he evolves from a long-suffering introvert into the nihilistic criminal mastermind seen in later editions.

The Batman series remains to this day, a shining example of the DC universe’s huge success. Despite numerous evolutions over eight decades, the imposing silhouette of a lone figure clad in a black cape and utility belt overlooking the dark, grim cityscape of Gotham’s crime-ridden streets remains one of the comic book world’s most memorable images. The famous Bat-Signal, a distress call used to summon the masked hero by way of a modified searchlight is one of the most recognisable icons in modern pop culture. With 2019 seeing the 80th anniversary of the introduction of Batman, who made his debut back in 1939’s Detective Comics issue 27, it seems that DC’s caped crusader is still as popular as ever.

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‘Joker’ promises to be a more adult outing than previous offerings, with Warner Bros moving away from the comparatively more light-hearted, traditional style of superhero movies (such as 2017’s Justice League and the massive commercial success that was 2018’s Aquaman) to showcase a film more akin to their darker projects such as Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

In fact, following generally favourable pre-release reviews, it seems that Phoenix may have captured the essence of what it is that we all find so appealing about villain origin stories – watching the slow descent of a man pushed to the edge of madness by an apathetic world, seeing the promise of possible redemption slip through his fingers and witnessing the creation of a true monster from the ashes as all hope is inevitably lost.

As eager filmgoers prepare for their first glance into the early days of Gotham’s infamous red-lipped master of chaos there has never been a better time to explore the world of Bruce Wayne, his enemies, and his comrades. The appeal of the Batman universe is far-reaching, long-lasting and crosses the generational gap between older fans and younger, with everyone seemingly having their favourite version of the world’s greatest detective. Bringing the characters and adventures of the Batman series into your game playing is a fantastic way to introduce your family and friends to some of the comic book world’s most evocative, exciting and intricate storylines. These are stories that have been around since before the internet, before computers and even before television existed and continue to gain in popularity.

And, let’s be honest, it’s also just a great excuse to gather all of your closest friends together just so that you can sit around the table, put on your best gravelly Michael Keaton-esque voice and stoically exclaim ‘I am Batman.’ Because, let’s face it, we’ve all done that.