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The Final Fantasy Countdown

Around since 1987, there have been fourteen main instalments to date in the Final Fantasy series. The Japanese made RPG is one of the most eponymous titles in the genre and stands solid against the likes of more modern choices like Fable, World of Warcraft and Skyrim as an absolute game-changer.

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Time and Relative Dimensions in Gaming

As the first-ever episode of Doctor Who was aired on British television in November 1963, here at Dicebox we thought it an apt time of year to turn our attention to the notions and theme of time travel.

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Dark Fates, Dystopia, Cyborgs and RPG – why we’re all obsessed with the end of the world

The Terminator franchise is now thirty-five years old which means, given the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s titular character was supposedly from the year 2029; we’re now just one decade away from a time in which director James Cameron envisioned there was a good chance we would be living in a wo

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The Gamers Guide to Halloween

It’s that time of year again. The cinemas are suddenly filled with the sort of spine-tingling, bone-chilling, throw-the-popcorn-out-of-the-box-every-time-you-jump slasher flicks that you’d usually have to hide behind the sofa to watch. There are faux cat ears and devil horns available in every store

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The rise and rise of retro

The rise in popularity of TV shows like Stranger Things, The Goldbergs, and Glow has inspired a wave of 80s themed pop culture.

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Anticipation for DC's new Joker movie leads to $90 million opening weekend prediction

DC Comics highly anticipated new movie ‘Joker’ is set to open to Australian audiences and selected international theatres on October 3rd, with a worldwide release scheduled for October 4th.

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10 Best Board Games for Adults Who Love Strategy

The booming board game industry has provided us with countless hours of entertainment, especially in recent years.

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NOLAN NORTH at Supanova Comic-Con and Gaming Melbourne

The hilarious and witty Nolan North has cemented himself as royalty within the video game & pop culture communities.

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5 Games That Are Perfect Openers

No one wants to jump straight into a heavy game of deep thinking and dense strategy. So I’ve concocted this short list of games that are excellent for playing as warm ups.

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When less is more: 3 challenging games with easy rules and minimalistic setups

Sometimes it seems like it takes far longer than forever to arrange all the fancy tokens, pieces and little piles of cards. The struggle is real, and ain’t nobody got time for that! There is a solution though: quite a few magnificent creations out there feature minimalistic setup, rules that are not

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