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Catwoman Rebirth Q-FIG Figure

Catwoman Rebirth Q-FIG Figure
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Catwoman Rebirth Q-FIG Figure

Springing Into Action

Catwoman lithely arches her back as she prepares to do a backflip off of a scowling gargoyle. Not to worry: She’ll land with feline grace on her feet, just as she does every time. Meow.


Our Q-Fig is based on the 2016 DC Rebirth version of Catwoman. Clad in an updated black catsuit, a swirling whip encircles this stealthy, ninja-like burglar.


The grouchy gargoyle, with jagged teeth and enormous wings, looks endearingly unamused. Always a launchpad, never a star in his own right. Oh, but he is!



4.25 in

10.79 cm



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