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Tenga Robot Hard & Soft Special Set (First-Run Limited)

Tenga Robot Hard & Soft Special Set (First-Run Limited)
Product Code:64051
  • $137.00

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Tenga Robot Hard & Soft Special Set (First-Run Limited)

A limited edition set with special equipment! TENGA Robot's new friends! Your pals that fit right in your pocket, TENGA Robot HARD & SOFT, have arrived!

TENGA Robot's new friends have arrived in a first-run limited edition set! The set includes the special limited edition equipment "Guitar & Mic" and "EGG DOG Wavy"!

This set includes the hard-boiled and seemingly a little evil TENGA Robot HARD and the kind and friendly TENGA Robot SOFT. They transform completely from TENGA to Robot form! While in TENGA form, they're about 8cm tall (roughly half the size of an actual TENGA), but transform into Robot form just like a classic toy. They also come with TENGA Robot HARD's Hard Striker and TENGA Robot Soft's EGG Javelin.

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