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Egg Action Attack Frozen 2 Elsa

Egg Action Attack Frozen 2 Elsa
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Egg Action Attack Frozen 2 Elsa

A wonderous recreation of the Snow Queen, Elsa! Done in Beast Kingdom’s Egg Attack style! 

Two facial expression including; proud and happy! Includes a number of ice special effects with an ice themed base 


  • Two facial expression : proud and happy.
  • One hand with iced crystal magical effect. 
  • Light blue dress with fabric material. 
  • Blue patterned coat with fabric material.  
  • Three pairs of replacement style hand including:

- One pair of clenched gloved hands

- One pair of magical hands

Let it go~ Let it go~ Do fans still remember the classic song?

One thing collectors will definitely not want to ‘let go’ is the latest Egg Attack Action figures by Beast Kingdom! 

After waiting six whole years, Elsa the Magical Snow Queen is back in a new movie and a range of great new figures and statues to boot! 

In Disney latest, soon to be celebrated animated feature, Frozen 2, Elsa finds her past catching up with her in many unexpected ways. She goes on a new journey of self-discovery from forests, to snowy mountains and even rides the high seas. As Elsa is on a path to once again reclaim her magical powers, what better way for collectors to take home the latest highly posable, stylized action figures from the celebrated Entertainment Experience Brand; Beast Kingdom. The 6-inch Egg Attack Action Elsa is fully posable with 2 replacement faces showing Elsa in different moods perfect to replicate the many scenes of the movie. 

Most excitingly the latest figure includes a whole costume made of real elastic fabric perfectly accentuating the characters charms and magical abilities. 

With different hand accessories and the ice themed base, this Elsa Egg Attack Action figure is sure to melt the heart of any Frozen 2 fan!

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