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Light Hunters - Battalion of Darkness

Light Hunters - Battalion of Darkness
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Light Hunters - Battalion of Darkness

Mighty heroes from a far-off land, now exiled to this dark forest, you once shone bright amongst your fellow men, but are now doomed to roam the darkness. Surrounded by crooks, you now seek the former glory of your past.

Show the true hero you are, and regain your freedom at last. There still remains a glimmer of hope for you to return to your native land. Join forces with other heroes, and lead your camp to victory. Summon the spirits of light, and harness their energy. Fulfill your destiny, and destroy the enemy battalion. Once victorious, you may finally return to your people.

Light Hunters: Battalion of Darkness is a turn-based Heroic Fantasy card game of two opposing teams in which the possibilities increase as the game progresses. Form your battalions, choose your heroes, and crush the opposite team to return to the Light!

2-8 Players

15-30 Minute Play Time

Ages 10+

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