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Lift It

Lift It
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Lift It


Get Your Head in the game – Lift it to Build it and WIN!

A fun family building game in which players try to build projects depicted on the building cards.

Players lift building blocks of different shapes with a crane hook strapped to your forehead or with a really steady hand to form the correct structure within the time limit shown on each building card.

Move carefully – stay calm! Limited time makes the best constructor sweat. .

Each correctly placed block scores a point and additional points are scored if player manages to build the structure correctly within the time limit.

Once players begin to gain points, they also start to have duels against each other in building a structure, or they have to explain the building project to another player who builds it based on the explanation, or they must attach the hook to their head and build the structure that way.

Don’t build castles in the air – nerves of steel will earn you victory in this exciting game

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