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Loony Quest The Lost City

Loony Quest The Lost City
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Loony Quest The Lost City

The Arkadia tournament is now over, but the king’s exiled evil brother Vadoor has caught the five adventurers and is sending them far away. To save the kingdom, our heroes must begin by fleeing a pirate ship. During their escape, they will find the legendary sunken city of Spectra, inhabited by a hitherto-unknown, ancient tribe of Loonies who appear to have come from another galaxy. Where will this new quest lead our adventurers?

In Loony Quest: The Lost City, the first expansion for Loony Quest, players discover five new worlds and strive to master the previously unseen challenges of this 32-level content pack! Travel through secret passages that let you reappear in another location on the level. A 3D-pyramid spaceship turns up the fun factor of the new levels and brings a new angle to the original Loony Quest game, boosting replayability. New special stages and more bonus and penalty tokens add up to even more fun with the players around the table!

Key Selling Points

• Includes sixteen new double-sided level sheets

• A new Bonus and Curse enter the game

• The intricate Pyramid will being new challenge to your games like never before

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