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Potion Explosion Game Night Kit

Potion Explosion Game Night Kit
Product Code:50581
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Potion Explosion Game Night Kit

A common saying is that you can’t trap lightning in a bottle. Well, the professors at the Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty Witches and Wizards claim that you can. In fact, they’ll even teach you how to do it. It’s called the Fulminating Serum, and it’s being added to the potion-making curriculum. Just make sure you’re well-grounded when mixing it up.

The Potion Explosion Game Night Kit gives players a chance to create an exclusive new potion during their studies. The kit contains ten sets of the Fulminating Serum, along with three sets of plastic Skill tokens, and three custom play mats. Stores can plan a special event using the kit’s contents, along with two of the base Potion Explosion game. It’s a whole event’s worth of support in one kit.

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