303 Squadron – Brothers in Arms Expansion


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303 Squadron: Brothers in Arms is an expansion for 303 Squadron the boardgame. The Hurricane-equipped 303 Squadron is not alone in the skies over Britain to fight against the Luftwaffe squadrons. A neighboring squadron of British fighters, the famous Spitfires, is also dueling against the German Messerschmitts.

They fight bravely, but their planes are badly damaged and ammunition is running out. They need your help to survive. Fighting side by side, victory will be yours. This expansion includes 8 different airplanes, new cards, a scenario, and rules for expanded play.

It also includes additional rules that allow the 303 pilots to “upgrade” their airplanes, mounting in Spitfires. Historically this “upgrade” happened after the Battle of Britain, but it’s a sort of plausible “what-ifs” to explore, isn’t it? But new additions don’t stop here, because more enemies are also included in this set. In this expansion, you find extra Bf.109s and the dangerous Aces of the Luftwaffe.

Try to face them flying the Spitfires!

  • Ages 14+ 
  • 60+ Min Play Time
  • 1-4 Players

Key Features:

  • An expansion for 303 Squadron, introducing new airplane miniatures, new rules and a new scenario focused on the legendary Spitfires.
  • This expansion introduces Spitfires – possibly the most iconic airplanes of the Battle of Britain – and offers new challenges with additional German planes and rules for the Aces of the Luftwaffe.
  • Dice Rolling, Card driven, Cooperative, Scenario Campaign game.
  • Aviation/Flight, World War II.


  • 8 Airplane miniatures
  • 6 German Elite Pilot tokens
  • 1 Event card
  • 8 Plastic bases
  • 8 Plastic pegs

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