Americas Main Street


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ETA: 27/09/2022


America’s Main Street includes two fast and fun family games: Get Your Kicks and YourMileage May Vary. In Get Your Kicks, players will be visiting Casino 66 to try their luck at covering all the states along Route 66 before busting. Players will score points on the Route 66 map using a bit of strategy, and (hopefully) a bit of luck as well!

In Your Mileage May Vary, players fuel up to begin a journey on Route 66. Each State requires a different type of fuel and different quantities of it. You can risk going that extra mile through each State, but don’t get too greedy or you might run out of fuel and have to start all over again! Both games are family friendly and  suitable for play by 1 to 5 players (or as many as 10 players in teams of 2); young or older players, as well as both casual and serious gamers; in 10 to 20 minutes.

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