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Dangers and treasures unlike any seen before!

They call it the Grave of the Machines. An underground mausoleum of the ancients, filled with their wondrous devices and strange magic. Those bold enough to venture into its depths (and return) spin tales of sights and encounters so astonishing they could not possibly be boasts or mere fiction. And they say its riches are as vast and unfathomable as its depths.

Venture into the Grave of the Machines, if you dare, for adventure unlike any you’ll find in typical ruins or dungeons. Where the Machines Wait is a mega-adventure for 5e for characters of roughly 5th level. It can be played as a series of short ventures into the Grave of the Machines, easily placed between other adventures in your campaign. Its deeper plotline can be introduced at any time—or it can remain in the background as you simply crawl the dungeons.

  • An easy upsell for Arcana of the Ancients! Makes the most of weird science-fantasy creatures, character options, and fantastic items from that title.
  • Fully compatible with right-out-of-the-PHB 5e play, though. (Arcana of the Ancients isn’t required for use.)
  • Intriguing premise and cool science-fantasy imagery cuts through the 5e clutter—put something fresh on your shelves!
  • New creatures, new items, and a new playable species of mechanical, construct-like characters: the surk.
  • Includes complete conversion notes, so Numeneraplayers can also enjoy this all-new adventure.
  • Monte Cook, Bruce R. Cordell, and Sean K. Reynolds are all legendary names to your D&D audience!

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