Clickhole Greetings Cards Card Game (Do not sell on online marketplaces)


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ETA: 27/08/2021


For millions of years, humans have used greeting cards to express complex emotions such as, “It’s Christmas,” or, “I received the hat you sent me on my birthday, and it is fine.” Now, for the first time ever, you can own a greeting card for every possible occasion. Never has showing your loved ones you care about them required so little effort.

Contains 12 different greeting cards and envelopes for all your standard occasions, including: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, get well, thank you, condolences, love, welcoming someone back from the bathroom, and more.

You also get a bonus pack of 15 Cards Against Humanity cards, which can be used either to play Cards Against Humanity or to build a small shelter for a hamster.

Ages 17+

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