DC Deck Building Game Crossover Collection 1


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ETA: 27/01/2022


Upgrade your DC Deck-Building Game Experience!

Crossover Collection 1 brings together three classic Crossover Packs in one amazing package. Each expansion lets you play as new Super Heroes or Super-Villains, adds new game cards, and introduces innovative mechanics to any base game in the DC Deck-Building Game series.

Key Features:

Three Crossover Pack expansions: The Rogues, Birds of Prey, and New Gods

New game mechanics: Teamwork, card rotation, Homeworlds

FOIL oversized Character cards

Black Racer Promo Card in every box

Limited edition Reverse-Flash Promo Card 

In Crossover Pack 5: The Rogues, you become a Super-Villain who always has some help within reach, thanks to “Teamwork.” This keyword found on many of the cards allows you to play the top card of another player’s deck. The code “honor among thieves” usually applies here, as the player who assists you gets a piece of the action.

In Crossover Pack 6: Birds of Prey, you can play as the preeminent all-female covert ops team founded by Black Canary and Oracle. A brand-new innovation in this expansion is card rotation. Many effects on the cards, including the Super Heroes, allow players to rotate their cards and earn bonuses.

Finally, in Crossover Pack 7: The New Gods, you can play as Super Heroes living on New Genesis or Super-Villains residing on Apokolips. There are two stacks of HOMEWORLD cards, each with a special ability that all players can take advantage of. If you are Darkseid, you seek to conquer New Genesis … but so do your fellow Super-Villain players. The Super Heroes, conversely, compete to conquer Apokolips.

This is not a standalone product. Requires any DC Deck-Building Game base game to play.

Contents Summary

  • 3 Crossover Packs
  • 95 Game Cards
  • 18 Character Cards (FOIL)
  • 3 Rules Cards
  • 1 Info Sheet
  • 1 Black Racer Promo Card
  • Players: 1-5
  • Playing time: 120 mins
  • Age: 15+

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