Defenders of the Realms Companions & Catacombs Expansion


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ETA: 27/12/2021


The Companions & Catacombs expansion for Defenders of the Realm takes the realm to the next level in regard to questing as heroes can now enter the dangerous dungeon catacombs where great treasure is hidden. Heroes may enhance their combat abilities by obtaining this treasure, but beware; only the bravest and most valiant heroes can gain such hidden and guarded treasures, and many that seek them may not return. Fear not brave Heroes because you will not be alone in these new challenges for new allies come to your aid, companions that join in your battles and venture with you in the quest for treasure in defense of the realm. But darkness has a way of expanding as well. The enemy grows off the dark places and rises up in opposition of the heroes seeking treasure and allies. They too recruit from the dungeons, and send new challenges the heroes must face in the form of Spies, Renegade Trolls, and brutal Warlords joining their forces. Companions and Catacombs may be added to any game of Defenders of the Realm to expand story and provide new opportunities and challenges for the heroes.

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