EPIC Card Game Lost Tribe Display (24 Pack)


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ETA: 27/10/2021


Lost Tribe features four new single-alignment packs for use with Epic Card Game (an Evil, a Good, a Sage and a Wild pack). A war fleet from the far north was caught in a mighty storm. Pulled hopelessly off course, the gods brought these ships to the shores of Gowana. Now this lost tribe finds themselves stranded in the contested lands between two of Gowana’s great nations.

Each pack includes 15 different all-new game cards of that pack’s alignment (Good, Evil, Wild or Sage). Two double sided tokens, two Score Cards, a reference rules card. These expansion packs can be played with any other Epic set and you can also combine any two Lost Tribe packs to create a 30 card, two-color deck!

Includes 6 of each packs

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