EPIC Card Game Ultimate Storage Box


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ETA: 27/10/2021


This sturdy box is large enough to hold every Epic card with sleeves and even a playmat!
Use the included foam blocks to hold cards firmly in place, or remove them to fit a sleeved Constructed collection with 3 of every card! Includes high quality plastic dividers to separate cards by set or by alignment (subdivided by champions, events and free cards) with additional dividers for a draft set, constructed decks, and tokens.

For use with Epic Card Game. Contains 30 plastic dividers, 6 foam blocks and the Ultimate Card Pack with 12 new cards: Angeline’s Avenger, Attack from the Clouds, Barbarian Berserker, Dragon Hunter, Electromancer, Fairy Scout, Fire Wurm, Martial Blessing, Night Lord, Rise Up, Soul Sorceress, and Vampiric Assault.

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