German Fleet Boats


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German Fleet Boats is an expansion game for Compass Game’s Steel Wolves – the German Submarine Campaign against Allied Shipping 1939-1943. German Fleet Boats assumes that Germany never entered into the 1935 agreement, instead following OKM’s original view that aircraft and hydrophone technology will dramatically impact concentrated submarine operations around the British Isles and that the fleet boat concept of long range submarines are needed to operate outside areas of dense ASW coverage.

German Fleet Boats postulates a change in Uboat design strategy: instead of focusing on medium Type VII boats, the Germans turn to the larger U-cruiser with which they experimented with in World War I. German Fleet Boats assumes that early Type I, II, and VII submarines are built as historically occurred, but prior to starting a more extensive building program, OKM makes the decision to build cruiser/fleet type submarines starting with more Type Is and four of the even larger (projected) Type III, the designs for which were based on the IA.

German Fleet Boats contains a new opening campaign and introduces four additional types of U-cruisers, The Type III, VIII, XI, and XII. German Fleet Boats requires Steel Wolves to play.

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