Kaos Ball Ringers – Scrag

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Ringers are Kaosball superstars that don’t belong to any specific team. Instead, you and your opponents competitively bid for their services at the beginning of each game. And trust us – you’ll want one of these guys playing for you, because they are awesome!

When you secure a ringer, it will replace one of your bruisers or runners at the beginning of a period. This lets you adjust your strategy on the fly; if you need to have more scoring potential, replace a bruiser. If you need more smackdown potential, replace a runner.

Multi-Talented – Ringers are both bruisers and runners, meaning they can score AND they can tackle or attack opponents’ figures.

Special Ability – Each ringer has their own special ability, which combos in different ways for different teams. Cretin the Ettin, for example, can tackle or attack two different enemies in a single turn! Even better, the Ringer also gains your team ability, so it’s double the fun.

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