Laserox Inserts – Orleans


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Travel around Orléans and gather your workforce: monks, knights, merchants and farmers to prosper and gain supremacy in medieval France. Store the base game, Fan kit, 5th player and all of the Ortskarten from various expansions and promos in this organizer.


  • Coin tray with a curved edge for easy handling
  • Separate box for each player components
  • Removable tray for all the goods tiles
  • Box with removable sides with all the workers (holding the fan kit components)
  • Tray for the big location tiles

Supports the following

  • Orléans: base game
  • Orléans: Fan-Kit
  • Ortskarten
  • 5th player expansion

This insert is officially licensed by dlp Games and fit the version released by them, will not fit the TMG version. Check out our Orléans Crate for a complete storage solution, to fit all expansions regardless of edition.

This kit requires assembly. We advise the use of wood glue, which is sold separately.

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