Lokes Immersive RPG GM Screen


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ETA: 27/11/2021


Loke’s Immersive GM Screen is the must have accessory to fully immerse your players in  your game and your setting. 

Featuring double sided artwork, the screen is long and low so you can see and reach the action easily! It is the perfect size to conceal GM notes and dice rolls, while expanding the battle map on the table into the setting with amazing artwork.

One side is a beautiful townscape and the reverse a stunning wilderness setting, meaning this screen will be perfect for any fantasy campaign!

The screen is also laminated for durability, perfect if you use sticky notes etc or stickers for map scenery. It is also wipe clean and can be written on directly.

This attractive screen will look beautiful on any table.

  • Laminated 4 panel GM Screen
  • Double Sided Artwork – Townscape & Wilderness
  • Long and low – easy to see & reach over
  • Hides GM Notes and Dice Rolls
  • Perfect to expand the battle map into your setting
  • Ideal for any fantasy campaign
  • Just the thing for Fantasy Roleplay Gamers including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder fans
  • GM/DM’s who want an immersive screen that acts as a background.
  • Its has a beautiful and practical GM screen
  • Can be used with any fantasy RPG

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