Munchkin Russia


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ETA: 27/08/2021


Welcome to Munchkin Russia, where the jokes get you! Fight the Troll Factory, KGBirds, Rasputin, or the dreaded Hangover with your Russian Wolfhound and Balalaika by your side. As you grab loot and become a Hacker, Oligarch, Athlete, or Cossak on your way to Level 10, watch out for the Revolution and the horror of the Eurovision Singer. And be sure to enjoy the beautiful seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter, winter, winter . . .

Key Features

  • Russian-flavored Munchkin jokes! You must laugh!
  • Original illustrations by Sergey Dulin.
  • Written by Valentin Matyusha, Alexander Kiselev, Pavel Iliin, Ivan Sukhovey, and Alexander Kozhevnikov; translated by Julia Klokova.

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