Pylos Giant


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This is the giant version of the game.

Mensa Select Winner

First one to place the final ball on top of the pyramid wins!

Each player gets fifteen balls, either light or dark, and they take turns placing them on a game board that has sixteen indentations on  a 4×4 grid. Once four balls have been placed next to one another in a square, a ball can be placed on top of them. This continues until the fourth level of the pyramid is reached and the last ball placed. 

The rules include a variant for children and one for experts so this game is fun for a range of ages. 

  • Plays with 2 Players
  • In about 10 mins
  • For Ages 9 and up


Hand Management

Pattern Building

Approx. Dimensions:

  • Board: 58cm square, height in play: 23cm. Balls: 6cm diamter
  • Board: 22.8 inch square, height in play: 9.1 inch. Balls: 2.4 inch diamter

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