Robot Lab


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ETA: 27/06/2021


It’s a STEM-inspired, color matching, robot building race of invention!

Compete to build your robot first and win the coveted Devol Prize in Robotics! You’ll need to do a little research, dig in the trash and deal with faulty parts all while outwitting the other scientists who are trying to stop you. Will you be the first to finish your robot? Let’s get in the lab and find out! 

RobotLab is made for 2-5 players, takes just a few minutes to learn, 15 minutes to play and is friendly for ages 6 and up. It was designed as a filler game with just enough strategy to appeal to both seasoned gamers AND new gamers.

Focused on Playing

We focused RobotLab’s gameplay on the two best parts of card games: playing cards & drawing cards. In this game the right move is rarely passing your turn.

Scalable Gameplay

RobotLab is designed for players as young as 6 with enough strategic depth that it’s still fun & exciting for experienced tabletop gamers.

Deceptively Simple

There’s one goal in RobotLab: build your robot first! While you’re doing that your opponent has plenty of options to try and stop you.

  • 2-5 Players
  • Ages 8+
  • 10-40 Min Play Time

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