Runebound (Third Edition) Fall of the Dark Star Scenario Pack


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Like other Scenario Packs for Runebound, Fall of the Dark Star introduces an entirely new scenario to your games of Runebound, offering a substantially different experience with thirty new adventure cards: ten for each of the three archetypes.  You may battle a Starborn Specter or travel to the Howling Valley in search of a fallen dark shard, but no matter where you go a new deck of story cards continues to raise the stakes as you search for the dark shards that fall from the heavens.  Finally, you’ll find an entirely new hero, Zyla, a being from the Aenlong realm whose otherworldly powers have led her to become a hero of Terrinoth.

Key Selling Points
• A new Scenario Pack for Runebound
 • Contains a new scenario that offers an entirely different game experience, pitting all heroes against each other
 • Thirty new adventure cards and a new ten-card story deck lends this scenario a unique flavor
 • A brand-new deck of corruption cards forces the heroes to contend with the dark star shards raining down on  Terrinoth
 • Offers a new hero—Zyla—who gives you an entirely new way to experience the game

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