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You probably remember the merry town of Roboburg, don’t you? You know: that place full of hard-working robots with only six days off a year to have some fun? Where a robot with a bit of entrepreneurship can make a lot of money by starting a carnival business? Well, the times, they are a-changing!

In addition to allowing a 5th player into your games, Steam Park: Play Dirty introduces some new game mechanics in a modular way, so that you can implement them into the base game independently from one another.

Stingy Visitors are “Wild” Visitors with easy tastes: whatever Ride you decided to put them on, they will be happy, but they don’t have a lot of money. However, they have a higher regard for their personal hygiene.

There is a new kind of Ride in this expansion: Extensions. When an Extension is filled with Visitors that are the same color as the Ride it is attached to and/or Wild Visitors, you suffer a one-time penalty.

Playing with the Park Director tiles adds a twist to each game, creating new gameplay strategies. Each Park Director has a unique ability that will change some of the basic rules of the game for all players. Their effect lasts through the whole game.

The new Espionage dice introduce a bit of indirect interaction between the players during the game. You can use them best by spying on your competitors!

There are also five new stands to play with: Fountain, Hall of Mirrors, Office, Shooting Gallery, and Incinerator.

Key Features:

  • A modular expansion lets you pick-and-choose what rules to change!

  • Introduces a whole lot of new game-play mechanics!

  • Adds a fifth player to your games!


  • Ages: 10+

  • Play time: 60 min.

  • # of Players: 2-5

  • Game Type: Dice rolling, Card drafting, Memory, Modular Board


  • 6 Park Director tiles

  • 20 Stands

  • 10 Stand Reference tiles

  • 54 banknotes

  • 5 Espionage Dice

  • 7 Stingy Visitors

  • 6 Ride Extensions

  • Starting material for 5th player

  • 1 rulebook

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