Top Trumps Sea Life in Danger


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Explore the depths of the ocean with this incredible new edition of Top Trumps: Sea Life in Danger. Meet thirty of the most impressive underwater creatures that inhabit the oceans of the world, from the majestic green sea turtle to the beluga whale and the sand tiger shark. Pick from categories including Weight, Defences , Size, Endangerment and Depth as you battle it out to discover which sea creature is the real Top Trump. Will the starfish’s Depth stat send you to the top of the leaderboard? Or will you rise to victory with the seahorse’s Endangerment stat? Learn everything you need to know about these rare and beautiful creatures with the custom bios that accompany each card. This deck is sure to entertain, educate and inspire in equal measure, as you learn a little more about biology, geography and ecology. So strap on your snorkeling gear, shuffle those cards and dive in!

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