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Runewars Miniatures Game Leonx Riders

Runewars Miniatures Game Leonx Riders
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Runewars Miniatures Game Leonx Riders

None exemplify the primal, wild nature of the Verdelam more than the Leonx Riders. Charging into battle atop the their ferocious Leonx, large felines native to the Aymhelin, these Elven warriors pierce through enemy lines with the force of a storm, only to use their lightning speed to evade counter-blows and change their angle of attack with the swiftness of a gale. The Leonx Riders Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures

Game comes with four Leonx Riders figures, two plastic cavalry movement trays, and five upgrade cards to enhance your Latari Elves forces!

Key Selling Points

• Deploy the Leonx Riders as their own unit or combine them with the ones found in the Latari Elves Army Expansion to create a fearsome force

• Five upgrade cards allow for complete army customization

• Four high-quality figures allow for plenty of painting options

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