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Smash Up: All Stars Event Kit

Smash Up: All Stars Event Kit
Product Code:41451
  • $164.00

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Smash Up: All Stars Event Kit

Play in a Smash Up event at your local game store!
This event will give you the chance to get the new “All-Stars” faction and cool Smash Up
accessories. The All-Stars faction is a specifically chosen mix of existing Smash Up minions and
actions that have formed an all-star team. To play basketball… in Space! Because that’s their

Bullet Points
- Includes a new faction, the All-Stars, for your Smash Up game!
- Introduces the first ever table-sized playmat for Smash Up, featuring spots for bases and power trackers.
- Supports up to 8 players.

● 8x 22-card All-Stars Decks (20 faction cards, 2 bases, and a plastic divider for the Big Geeky Box).
● 1x Table-sized Smash Up Playmat (45”x24”)
● 1x Set of wooden VP/power tokens in drawstring bag.
● 2x Retail copy of Smash Up (base) AEG5501

Players: N/A
Ages: 14+
Playing Time: N/A

How to use this kit:
This Event Kit is configured to help you run an event straight out of the box. Events do not have
to be competitive and can be for beginner or advanced players. We have placed suggested
values on the components to help you decide what to charge for your event. You are free to
run your events and/or charge whatever you want.

Running the event
 The All-Stars faction deck should be the participation reward
and you should use the playmat and/or tokens as a prize for winning. If running a tournament
with 8 players, we suggest splitting players into pods of 4, with the two highest scoring players
from each pod advancing to a finals pod.

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