It’s that time of year again. The cinemas are suddenly filled with the sort of spine-tingling, bone-chilling, throw-the-popcorn-out-of-the-box-every-time-you-jump slasher flicks that you’d usually have to hide behind the sofa to watch. There are faux cat ears and devil horns available in every store and everything is inexplicably now pumpkin flavoured.

Whether you believe in ghosts or ghouls or you think it’s all just a load of Hocus Pocus, Halloween is a great excuse to dress up, go trick or treating or host a party or two. Here at Dicebox, we’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you incorporate board games into your party entertainment. With something for every theme, audience and budget, we can help you to offer an evening of Halloween fun that offers an alternative to the traditional apple bobbing and ghost stories by torchlight.


Mad Scientists

Dicebox’s collection of Gross Science kits are great fun for the kids (or big kids) and a devilishly good way to test your party guests knowledge of all things gross and gory.

Decorate your venue as a laboratory and make sure to have plenty of lab coats and goggles on hand. Drinks in beakers, hazard warning signs in place and a bit of Monster Mash on the go and you’re ready to get scientific. Set out some tables for experiments and give your guests a Halloween experience they won’t forget with the Gross Science Eyeball Dissection ($29.00) or the Glow in the Dark Science kit ($48.00). Just remember to put the snacks on a seperate table for those with a sensitive stomach.

For guests who prefer not to get their hands dirty, you could always try Totally Gross: The Game of Science ($12.00) for a mess-free alternative. It’s also educational, but don’t let the kids know that or you might scare them.


Harry Potter

The wizarding world of Harry Potter is a great theme choice for a Halloween party where your guest list consists of a wide range of ages. Whether they come dressed in their very best robes or simply throw on a striped yellow scarf and school tie – a few well-chosen games and decorations will transform your home from house to Hogwarts for a magical night of spells and sorcery.

Fake cobwebs, mason jars of fruit punch potion and the odd well placed broomstick will aptly set the scene for a few rounds of ‘Codenames Harry Potter’. Suitable 2-4 players from ages 11 and up, at $34.00 you could get a few packs and have multiple games playing at once. If your teams require mascots, you could always boost their chances with support from a plush Dobbie ($21.00) or Hedwig ($34.00) for extra luck.

You could always stock up on snacks; grab a projector and big screen and run a between- games movie session, allowing your guests to enjoy plenty of Potter-themed fun.


Back to the 80s

We’ve already spoken of our love at Dicebox for all things 80s in our previous blog post; however, we’d be remiss not to mention it again with Halloween just around the corner.

The 1980s were undoubtedly the era for classic modern horror with Freddie Krueger, Jason Voorhees and Pinhead all making their cinematic debuts. The Superfight Horror Deck ought to entertain any horror fans as they pit classic monsters against iconic villains and at just $12.00 it’s a budget-friendly way to get the party started.

If the thought of all that horror and mayhem is just a little too much for you, or if you have younger guests attending, why not keep your 80s themed game night more ambiguous by giving it a generic movie theme? Treasure Lair offers a fantastic opportunity to channel your inner Goonie and works well for a large group of up to 24 people. Alternatively, grab a Flipside or two at $28.00 each and start a speed league to see which of your guests can complete the colour matching challenge fastest. Just add in a few neon blocks and some laser lights for a Tron vibe that’ll give your party a real retro flavour.


A Song of Ice and Fire

If the recent growth in the popularity of shows like Critical Role has proven anything it is that, as we have long suspected, strategy and role-playing games can be made (with a little creativity and imagination) into a fantastic spectator event.

If you’re looking for something a little different for your party entertainment this year, we suggest considering the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire TMG Starter Set’ priced at $195.00.

Don’t allow the fact that this starter set, based on George RR Martin’s world-famous novel, is designed for two players to put you off – a large party can be accommodated with a little preparation, some accessories and some inspirational background music. Fun trivia fact – most of the music for Game of Thrones was composed by Iranian German composer Ramin Djawadi who also scored the Iron Man, Pacific Rim, and Warcraft soundtracks.

Have your guests bend the knee and pledge allegiance to one of the great houses of Westeros and watch as their

chosen champions do battle. Throw in a few homemade banners, grab some toy swords from the dollar store and before you know it you’ll have an army cheering on the action.

If you’re feeling adventurous you could invite your guests to dress appropriately for the occasion. Go for either full-on character costumes and get ready to watch Khal Drogo playing beer pong with The Mountain or simply ask that your guests dress in the colours of their chosen house. Put on a victory feast for the champions and don’t forget to send a raven with the invitations.