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The garden gnomes have gathered in the playground to collect all the toys left behind by the young children during the day. But the giant elephant slide is just too fun for the gnomes to resist! So the they make a game of it: It’s time to ride down the slide, then pick a toy for your prize!

Yoo-Hoo! is an adorable roll & move game for little children with a 3D elephant slide game board that players will climb up and slide down during the course of the game.


1 elephant slide

20 toy tokens (in 5 different colors and shapes)

4 garden gnomes (in 4 different colors)

2 dice (1 with pips, 1 with symbols for advanced play)

Illustrated rules

This game helps children learn!

• Counting skills: adding up how far their pieces will move each game.

• Basic strategies: choosing which toy to collect.

• Sportsmanship: winning and losing with a positive spirit.

Includes beginning rules for younger children and advanced rules for older players!

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